IDE and Titanium® SDK

  • 60-90% code reuse across device platforms
  • Direct access to native APIs using Hyperloop
  • Delivers fully native apps for rich user experience
  • Immediate support for each new OS release
  • Seamless integration to existing continuous delivery systems (e.g. SCM, build and MDM solutions)

vDoIT is experiencing newest in new technologies every day and gives enough confidence to its customers that their business requirements would be met in fully stable way…

App Designer

  • Visually design and develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Drag-and-drop palette generates best practice, production-quality code
  • Bi-directional updates allow seamless movement between design and code
  • See UI changes across OSs and devices


  • Direct access to every iOS and Android API using JavaScript
  • Incorporate 3rd-party native libraries – with no changes required
  • Easily create complex custom effects like dynamic animations
  • Run Java, Objective C or Swift code alongside Titanium code

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