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A web page combines structure from HTML, style from CSS, and functionality from JavaScript. Each of these three main technologies does different special jobs. Referring to the collection of all javascript is known as Mean Stack which helps in building the web application. Let’s break it into parts where HTML stands for the data, CSS is the presentation of the data and JAVA is for coding.


  • HTML is the markup language which helps in the structuring and presenting content in the internet. HTML 5 has introduced a few new elements and attributes to its latest version. HTML 5 specifies the scripting procedure with application programming interfaces or APIs. It provides superior quality security like all its predecessors.  Along with the HTML 5 version there is the XHTML 5 and that is practically the XML serialization of the HTML 5. Some of Major benefits of HTML5 are :
  • Improved styling with CSS3 which offers new background styling features, fancy borders, animations, improvement in typography and new presentation layouts.
  • Multimedia can be embedded using HTML5
  • Supports Real-Time Communication through video conferencing without adding any extra plugin or application.
  • HTML5 text API is enhanced with a new element, canvas, which supports 3D graphical drawing in Firefox.


It is highly popular as client side scripting language for web browsers. In any web application, javascript can be used to implement simple features like rollover of images as well as to make asynchronous requests to server

Cascading Style Sheets 

It should be used for applying all visual styles.

  • HTML, XHTML and XML are some of the platforms where CSS can be applied.
  • Layout, colors, themes, and fonts are some of the dominant regions of the style formatting of CSS.
  • Accessibility, feasibility, flexibility and control of specific characterizations are maintained in a detailed cohesive manner with CSS.
  • Various methods to render can be adaptable such as on-screen, voice module, and print.
  • Depending on the content, CSS changes the user view and adapts to the screen.
  • Like Templates, CSS can be pre-defined and used for various contents with the same notions and styles.
  • Overriding functions along with hierarchy situational functions are optimized and layer by layer presented with CSS.

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