Email Marketing

In the ongoing technological era, Email Marketing is proven to be one of the most effective methods to boost the sales of the business. Moreover, It is a traditional method of sending emails in bulk. Nowadays, checking emails regularly is part of everyone’s routine as all have a unique email ID. This method boosts the process of building brand awareness which in turn enhances the sales. 

Email marketing is not easy as the word is, it requires a proper ingredients as follows:

  • Planning: The campaign needs planning and the most important part is the correct email and 
  • Target Audience: the audience that the campaign needs to target. Sharing the email with the correct audience will give you the results. 
  • Unique Content: The body part of the email should always be unique and the user should find it interesting to read as well. 
  • Image or Banner: Email also consists of an image or the banner which should be attractive and unique as well. 
Email Marketing

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Why choose Email Marketing?

This email marketing helps in bringing the traffic over the website and this even increases the chances of getting more conversions. If we check in the eCommerce industry the big companies like Flipkart, Amazon do this practice regularly. Last but not least email marketing comes under an important aspect for every business in doing their branding and in increasing the sales also.

Different Tools used in Email Marketing are:

  1. G-Suit 
  2. G-Mass 
  3. E-mail octopus 
  4. Mail Chimp 
Email Marketing

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