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The most significant thing that a business wants is the suitable marketing of their services or product that they are offering. Nowadays everyone is on social media and in the past few years, this platform has gained huge popularity as compared to the earlier time. This has become a hub for business. People are now posting their ads on social media platforms which are helping them in giving an audience all over the globe. There are different types of ads that are:

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. Rough data says that there are 2.85 billion monthly active users as per the first quarter of 2021. This has become a very good marketplace for the users to get their business ads. Facebook provides ads feature for users in which they can target the audience as well as the timing part also. A person can boost the post and even they can create automated ads for products and services. Facebook gives the feature of market interest and that helps in giving a narrow audience that helps in targeting the audience according to the searches which increases the chance of conversion as well as the correct audience. Facebook provides many features in the ads for instance- getting the traffic over the website, getting more leads, etc. This can be taken by the user based on their choice that is what they want.

Ad services

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Google Ads

Taking business online and running it is not a joke in today’s world. The online market is having a very high competition and the big companies always have a handsome budget for advertisement. Google Adwords has helped many small-scale businesses to get the business online with a pocket-friendly budget. Coming on the first is never easy with the best SEO techniques it may take months as well as a year. This is where Google Adwords comes in. This is a paid advertisement service. They help in getting the business advertisement displayed on the search engine result page. These ads are displayed on the top or at the bottom of the search engine result page. Google AdWord work over a few algorithms that are (Pay Per Click) PPC, (Pay Per Mile) PPM, (Cost Per Click) CPC, etc. PPC is the amount that will be paid based on the click that the ad gets. In PPM a certain amount is paid on completing one thousand clicks. whereas in CPC maximum bid amount is paid for the click.

This platform helps in targeting specific audiences as well as specific devices. That user wants to get the ad displayed only on a mobile phone or desktop or tablet. This platform even has some rules that are to be followed, that is the landing page of the website should be good and the quality of the content should be good. The website should be mobile friendly etc.

Google Ads

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